Diamond Hair Care Set


This is full range of our amazing hair care products. It takes your hair from point 0 to 100 with consistency and  determination. This package includes the following.

  • Chebe powder               - This powder is for a healthy and stronger hair
  • Karkar oil                       - Used for pre poo ,sealing the hair and for                                                         mixing of the Chebe powder 
  • Herbal hair growth oil   - This oil will grow the hair quickly         
  • Chebe herbal shampoo - Use for washing and cleansing of  the hair
  • Leave-in conditioner     - Apply for softer and more manageable hair
  • Deep conditioner          - Deep conditions the hair 
  • Chebe hair butter          - Apply on the hair and style as desired
  • Chebe hair grease         - Apply daily for healthy hair
  • Ambunu powder           - This act as a detangler and a conditioner
  • Hair spray                      - This should be applied 3x a week                                                                       to give the hair moisture
  • Chebe hair serum          - This will support the growth of hair