Fresh Kitty Vitamin – Boric Acid Suppository (20 Count)


Vagina Yeast Infection and BV Solution

Are you constantly dealing with yeast infections, weird cheesy discharge, itches in your vagina, a burning sensation, or a fishy smell in your vagina? then the Kitty Vitamins (Boric Acid Suppository) can help. It has helped thousands of women dealing with the same issue.

The Kitty Vitamins (Boric Acid Suppository) is made with medical-grade boric powder, it  helps to promote the proper acid balance in the vagina.and it works by restoring the normal flora of the vagina thereby ridding it of the weird discharge and fishy smell.

The Kitty Vitamins (Boric Acid Suppository) is 100% safe to use and has been a lifesaver for thousands of women. It contains 600mg of medical-grade boric acid powder.

Before using a vaginal suppository, make sure the hands and vaginal area are clean and dry to prevent bacteria from entering the body.





Insert one pill daily into your vagina between  5-14 days, depending on how acute the vagina yeast and BV  infection. You can also use after your period to freshen up, once daily for 3 days. 


Do not take boric acid orally or apply it to open wounds. Consult a doctor before using this medication while pregnant.


Here are some guidelines to follow when inserting your boric acid suppository:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and remove the capsule from its packaging.
  • Lie back on a bed or couch with your knees bent, or stand with your knees bent.
  • Using your fingers or an applicator specifically designed for this purpose, gently insert the suppository into your vagina as far as it will comfortably go.
  • You may wish to wear a panty liner to protect your clothing from discharge from the suppository.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.