Traditional Chebe Powder (Made in Chad)

  • Chébé is the haircare secrets of an African ethnic group in Chad known to have very long naturally coarse hair that famously goes passed their rear ends. They cover their hair in a homemade mixture that keeps their hair super moisturized and lubricated which is the reason given why they say their hair never breaks; even from childhood.

    - Chébé seeds (Croton zambesicus/Croton du Zambèze)
    - "Mahllaba soubiane" seeds
    - "Missic" resin to scent
    - Cloves
    - "Samour" resin
    - Scented oil

    - Vegetable oil


    Take 100g of your favorite hair cream/butter , mix with 100g of original karkar oil or any oil of your choice and add a teaspoon of mixed chébé powder. The first step is to get the hair wet using regular water and apply the mixture that you just made on your hair (not scalp) until the hair is fully saturated.

    Put the hair in a protective style by braiding or weaving  and once that braid is done wet it again with water. Repeat the mixture and application routine every other 5 days without washing your hair.

     Wash your hair once a month or twice if you cannot carry it on for a month

    Some people may think initially that their hair length is due to genetics, after inquiring on the subject the women said that it was most definitely not due to genetics since they do not apply chébé powder mixture to their bangs which in turn, stays short. However, the parts of the hair which they do use the powder mixture on in their routine doesn't break and grows very long and strong.

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