Ultra Glow Skin Set

To achieve an ever young and healthier skin, you need an effective routine that will help moisturize, soften, rejuvenate, prevent acne, and  wrinkles, and also help keep your skin looking healthy.

Investing early in the health of your skin, with regular skin care, will not only better protect it from the harsh effects of weather, but also keep you looking and feeling supple and your best, throughout the year.

This ultra glow skin care set contains the following:

  • Black soap paste                                     -Bath with the soap daily
  • Turmeric and papaya Sugar scrub          -Apply the scrub on the face & body 2-3 times a week
  • Hibiscus clay mask                                  - Apply the mask on your face 2 times a week
  • Brightening Cleanser                               - Dab on your face and neck twice daily
  • Hydrating facial toner                             - Apply on your face and neck  3 times a week
  • Magical glow oil                                      - Apply on face and body daily

Benefit of the Ultra glow set

  1. This skin care routine will reduce visible pores, and wrinkles and leaving it brighter and healthier
  2. It  will prevent and help reduce blemishes, and hyper-pigmentation to the skin.
  3. As an individual ages, the skin loses hydration, brightness, and collagen. This skin care routine can leave skin looking healthier and younger.
  4. Over time, the skin naturally loses elasticity and can appear saggy and crepe-like. Proper skin care can restore firmness and even texture to the skin.
  5. A good skin care routine will protect from harmful bacteria and allergens, leaving the individual feeling and looking healthier

 How to use:

Take your bath with the black soap treat everyday. Wet your body and face and lather up with the Turmeric and papaya foaming scrub 3 times a week. Use the Hibiscus facial mask 2 times a week. Dab your face and neck with our brightening cleanser everyday and use a  toner afterwards 3 times a week for deep cleansing of dirt on the face. Apply the magical glow oil for that ultra glow and a skin like milk.


Please read up the ingredient on the individual product page