Goddess Yoni Oil

Our Yoni Oil is a blend of natural oils that are infused with essential oils and herbs for daily hygiene, to care for the feminine parts, and self-care. Our Yoni Oil is handmade using only 100% natural organic oils to assist in keeping your vagina clean, moist and saturated. *Yoni oil can also be used as a skin care regimen

Unlike other feminine health hygiene products, our  Yoni goddess oil is made of natural ingredients. which were carefully selected for their soothing and healing properties to make sure it's safe for use to intimate areas.


  • Relieves itching, and discomfort
  • Prevent ingrown hair.
  • Helps heal and soothe.
  • Eliminates and decreases Vagina odor Unusual Discharge.
  • Restore and Balances vaginal PH
  • Lubricant, Foreplay: Helps with vagina dryness.
  • helps ease menstrual pain
  • This hydrating essential oil blend locks the moisture in place helping you feel fresh all day

How To Use:

Apply a few drops on your finger tips and apply on the vulva, labia lips and yoni triangle (mon pubic). Rub it for 15 seconds for absorbtion. Use once ot twice daily after shower.


  • Do not apply inside the vagina
  • It should not be used with condom
  • Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding



Sweet almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, tea tree essential oil, jasmine and a proprietary blend of 19 herbs healthy for the yoni